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Posted by Sharon Cuevas on 9/3/2016 to Interesting Candle and Soap Facts
      Since I first tried meadowfoam seed oil it has been my favorite ingredient for nearly all my products.  This oil is a fairly new discovery compared to other oils and is not found in most commercial products -  YET.  It has a very promising future and I envision it being the next great thing, following in the footsteps of past super products such as  argan oil, coconut  and jojoba.
     It is mainly a domestic grown source.  The meadowfoam seed plant is grown in northern California, Oregon, Washington and southwestern Canada.  It is a rotation crop making is a sustainable source of oil and economical.  The plant got its name because the abundant small white flowers resemble the foam on ocean waves.  The oil is pressed from the seeds of the plant which are edible.
Benefits of meadowfoam seed oil:
   Economical - domestically grown, abundant crop
   Environmentally friendly - sustainable rotation crop
   Skin softener - forms a barrier to hold moisture in
   Moisturizer- especially effective as an excellent hair conditioner
   Stable - reduces risk of rancidity. It has a shelf life of up to 4 years. Actually extends the shelf life of other oils it is blended with
     Meadowfoam seed oil can be used in hair care products, bath and body products, ointments, balms, lip care, aromatherapy and facial care, cleansers an towlettes.
Look for this ingredient in your products.  

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