Spicy Cranberries Candle in a Tin

Spicy Cranberries Candle in a Tin

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Part Number:CCT8-009
Spicy pepper and cinnamon are slightly sweetened with the scent of fresh cooked cranberries. This is a bold, highly fragrant candle in a round aluminum tin, accented with raffia and natural decorations.

* 8 oz.
* 3 inch diameter, 2 inches high
* deep cranberry color
* natural palm wax derived from sustainable sources
* cotton or hemp wick for cleaner burn
* individually hand made. Exact decoration may vary slightly from candle to candle.

The vision for my line of tin container candles was simple and strong. I wanted to create a line of candles that are a little rustic in looks and have bold nature or warm kitchen scents to match the simple look of the tin.

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