Happy New Year 2018

Posted by Sharon Cuevas on 12/29/2017
It is time to say goodbye to 2017 and welcome 2018. Remember all the past year has brought - celebrate the good and gain wisdom to change the bad. 
    It seems we make the same wishes and resolutions year after year.  Maybe that is because those goals are so important and worth working for.  Once more I wish all of you health, happiness, peace and love.  
    On a more personal level, biggest goal is  stronger relationships with my loved ones.
    For my business I will bring many new products, build relationships with you my customers and potential customers to bring you the products and service YOU want in my shop, and to contribute more to my local community and national needs.  I would love to hear your most memorable moments of 2017 and goals and aspirations for 2018.   HAPPY NEW YEAR