Fundraising opportunities customized  for your individual school, sports, club, organization or charity.
  •   Profitable      Your organization earns 40%  of retail sale.
  •   Flexible       Choose your program.  Order taking or buy and re-sell.
  •   Custom           Choose your own products including design, colors and scents, pick from several packages or create your own custom products.
                                How It Works
1.   Purchase merchandise as wholesale buyer.
2.   Sell products at price of your choosing
3.   Keep the money collected.

Order Taking
1. We work with you to choose items, wholesale/retail prices and all details of sales campaign.
2. We print order forms and deliver to you. (approximately 2 weeks)
3. You take orders and collect customer's payment (recommended length of sales campaign 2-3 weeks)
4. Turn in order forms and payment (wholesale only).  Keep the profit
5. We produce and deliver product to you; sorted and packaged by customer, saving you time and labor.  (allow 1 - 3 weeks depending on volume)