Citrus Body Scrub
Citrus sugar body scrub

Citrus Body Scrub

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Exfoliate, moisturize and relax with this natural sugar scrub. Granulated sugar gently exfoliates skin, sweet almond oil moisturizes ands adds warmth leaving skin very soft. Meadowfoam Seed oil helps repair dry skin and has been known to have UV protection properties. (not a significant amount in scrub. Do not rely on for sunscreen protection). Rosehips has been used throughout history for its anti aging properties. It contains vitamin C as well as some vitamins A, E, D. Rosehips also gives this scrub its golden color. The citrus aroma relaxes. The attractive glass jar makes a pretty gift or bathroom décor. 10 oz.

instructions:     Use before or after bathing, scoop out scrub using attached scoop.  Do not use fingers. Lightly rub over entire body, scrubbing slightly harder on elbows, knees and heels. Do not use on face if you have sensitive skin. Rinse and towel dry. Apply moisturizer to lock in moisture. Use once or twice a week. This product is not recommended for everyday use.

Cautions: Do not use fingers to scoop or allow water to get into container. Water will dissolve sugar and also shorten shelf life of product.
Oils in the scrub may make bottom of tub slippery.
Best used within 6-8 weeks.

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