Apple Jack

Posted by Sharon Cuevas on 10/1/2018 to Interesting Candle and Soap Facts

     Apples are popular as aa Autumn fruit.  Who can resist a hot baked apple pie or apple cobbler on a cool, crisp evening.  There is another almost forgotten way to enjoy apples. 

     October is Applejack Month.  Applejack is a very strong alcoholic drink popular during the colonial days.  The drink is made from apples rather than grains.  The apples are freeze distilled into a hard cider. The term jacking means to freeze to increase the alcohol content.  It was most popular in the cold northern states. 

     Today Applejack is still popular as a hard liquor in many mixed drinks such as martinis.

    Want another way to enjoy your Applejack? Try lighting a candle. You can enjoy the aroma in a candle scented with Applejack Peel; a bold blend of apples, citrus fruits, spices, cream, maple and musk.


Apple Jack 'n Peel fragrance oil 1

Apple Jack Peel fragrance oil